IntuTech is the leading IT Technology place for Teaching, Learning, and connecting trained people to Industry. Every course at IntuTech is taught by top instructors from the industry. Our instructors having the best industry exposure with contemporary practices. Courses include real-time project work, practice exercises, classroom sessions.

We believe that transformation should be accessible to everyone. So we are continuously working with industry experts to offer flexible, affordable classroom sessions, IT Technology training programs.

Classroom and Online courses with full discount systems.

Certificates which can be used worldwide.

An online leadership development program.


IntuTech is an organization that helps to fulfill your dreams job. We use all our expertise to help you get a job in IT field. We started this lotus in 2011 and we have placed more than 5000 students in various IT companies. Our goal is not just to place you, but to make you a technology satellite from time to time.

To provide superior, proactive solutions & services to markets globally. We understand the competition and aim to beat them every time. Meeting & exceeding customer expectations is our first priority. we have always focused on building a great classroom and online learning experience by collaborating with the right industry partners. We then steadily built a strong support system around our learners. IntuTech has created programs to help thousands of professionals achieve their career goals in the areas of IT technology.


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